Introducing me, Jake!


Let me introduce myself....

I’m a border terrier called Jake, but most people know me as Shop Dog Jake

I own Ebb & Flo Gift Shop in the Bakehouse Courtyard, just off Portishead High Street - if you can’t find us, call us on the dog & bone, 01275 217069. 

Well, I say I own it as I’ve been there from the start in February 2016 when Mom & Dad were setting the business up, so I think I’ve now got equal shares, AND I am the only one that keeps them in check!

I love the Courtyard - especially on a sunny day as there is a real buzz! 

There is the Empawrium (clever that!) Dog Groomers owned by Suzanne, who really LOVES me and gives me cuddles and treats - I even had a bath in there once when Mum got mad because I rolled in something at the Lake Grounds (I thought I was pretty fragrant myself!)

Upstairs is Kellie Anne who owns a beauty salon - I don’t mind a bit of grooming myself but my favourite is always a nice massage, it really is a dog’s life!

Next door is Laura’s Hairdressers - I have been known to go into the wrong shop by mistake but Laura or the girls always give me a little fuss!

Then there is Shanicatti Shakes at the other end of the Courtyard. It always smells lovely but I am not allowed in there - shame really as I bet there are some good crumbs for me to feast on! Mum goes in there ALOT - something about ‘having a treat’ - strange really as I thought all treats were for me!

I’m here most days unless I’m having a sleepover with my mates, so pop in and say hi - I like a good fuss! Bye fur-now!

Jennie Lewis