Tell the Puparazzi - it’s a New Season at E&F!


So, I recently submitted my doggie holiday request form and I have had a couple of weekends off, spending some quality time with my Pappy and Grandma, whilst Mom and Dad went off to some trade shows. They always come back exhausted but with loads of inspawration!

All of the new stock they ordered is starting to come in now, so they have finished all the end of line off-furs and now I can let you into a little secret - I have to give them appaws for all the lovely new stock, but I do think I am going mutts with all these jokes! 


My favourite this year is a dog and cat shelf with bowls, bags, tea-towels and notebooks and also handy tins (pawfect for those treats - don’t tell them but I’ll sit nicely fur one of those, bound to get one myself that way!).

There’s a Gin shelf with glasses, ice cube stones and hot plates - Mom really likes this shelf ALOT and says it is essential! There’s also a whole new section for journals and lots of funny pencils (I think they are funny as people keep laughing at them, but I’m a dog and reading is over-rated - I prefer to type this blog! 

Anyway, Shhh...she’s coming back so I have been curtailed! Laters....

Jennie Lewis